The White Feather Software custom apps service provides inexpensive, single-purpose applications to get stuff done that you won’t find solutions for in app stores. Using your specifications, your workflow and your data, a custom app can be built that does what you need—for a fraction of the cost of a web app.

For example…

CommitKeeper Activity

4Spires needed a simple desktop tool for viewing activity in their Web app, CommitKeeper. This little app logs into the MySQL database, executes a query, formats the data, and presents it in a spreadsheet format.

Calendar to HTML

A non-profit organization needed a quick way to convert a monthly calendar to HTML for an email report. With the raw data on the Clipboard, the user clicks Process Email Calendar to generate the HTML.

The app can also take just a few lines and encode them separately, starting with the appropriate alternating row color.

To get your own custom app… Contact WFS

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