Here is a description of the 14 tools in MakeHTML for manipulating text and HTML.

All Sorts of Stuff

AllSortsAll Sorts of Stuff sorts the data you have on the Clipboard according to various delimiters and sort options.

For example, a tab-delimited table can be sorted by one or more specified columns and then converted to an HTML table.

Clipboard to HTML

Clip2HTMLThis tool wraps text in the <p> element, maintaining styles and blank lines.

Color Me Hexed

ColorMeHexedInvoke the system-wide Color Picker by clicking in the Color field, or choose a color from one of the colored bars, or from the list of color names.

When you’ve got the color you want, click the Hex to Clipboard button to load the HTML-formatted Hex number.

With an RGB set on the Clipboard, click the Clipboard RGB to Hex button, which will convert the RGB to Hexadecimal, prepend the # for HTML, and put that on the Clipboard.

With a Hex set on the Clipboard, click the Hex to RGB button and get RGB on the Clipboard.

The Color Names button displays a list of the 140 most common names recognized by browsers.

You can manually enter an RGB set in the RGB field and then tab out or click outside the field. Similarly, entering a Hex number (without or without the # mark) will generate the associated RGB and update the Color field.

Email Wrapper

EmailWrapWith one or more email addresses on the Clipboard, click the @ button. The button will wrap the email addresses with HTML.

With the Shift key down, you get the word ‘Email’ as the clickable link rather than the actual address.

Findit Fixit

FinditFixitWhen you have a list of somethings that need to be something-elses in a body of text, this tool will iterate through the changes and put your modified text on the Clipboard.

Make My Case

MakeMyCaseModifies text on the Clipboard with the chosen case changes.

Make My List

MakeMyListWith any list on the Clipboard, set the incoming delimiter and set the outgoing list type.

This tool converts your list to HTML, formatted with or without CRs.

Mark It Up

MarkItUpProvides a markup editor for your text, then puts the resulting HTML on the Clipboard.

New Dimensions

NewDimThis tool makes it easy to get a proportional reduction or expansion of an image. You can even drop the image on the screen to get its original dimensions.

Poetry Machine

PoetryMachineFormatting poems for a web page is immensely simplified using this tool.

You simply set up your template and then paste the poem(s).

The resulting HTML respects the original line endings.


TableMakerThe first of three tools for making tables.

This one starts with a table (any number of columns) from Word or Excel (or any other consistently-delimited source) and gives you the table in HTML, according to your choice of options.

TableMaker 2

TableMaker2With a return-delimited list on the Clipboard, this tool splits it into two balanced columns and wraps it in HTML.

TableMaker 3

TableMaker3When your return-delimited list is too long for two columns, this tool will balance the list across three columns and wrap it in HTML.

Unmake HTML

UnmakeHTMLThis tool simply strips HTML encoding and gives you back just the text.

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